“Self-help” is a misnomer.  If you pick up any kind of self-help material and intend to use it for your own growth, you are actually asking someone else to help you.  You aren’t helping yourself – you are learning from someone else.  That’s why I prefer the term “personal development material.”

This site is a listing and an exploration of ideas I’ve gotten from books, movies, articles – pretty much any form of media – (I’m going to stick with the books – see me on Twitter and/or Facebook for the other stuff) that is focused personal development and I’ve found to be valuable.

One of the main reasons I’m doing this is to help myself remember those ideas that stuck with me.  Many of us (me included!) tend to read personal development books like a novel, and end up applying very little of the material to our own lives.  It’s easy to read and dream – it’s not always so easy to do.  But when we can focus on small ideas to reflect on and implement, the doing becomes a bit easier.

And if it’s helping me, why not share it and help others as well.

Material in quotation marks “like this” are pulled directly from the book, because I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Material without quotation marks are my own thoughts, either paraphrased from the book because that’s how I saw it or just something that popped into my mind that’s related to the book.

Plus also, credit where credit is due.  These are my main inspirations for creating this site:

Derek Sivers has an excellent collection of books he has read and detailed notes on each here: Derek Sivers – Books I’ve Read

Brian Johnson has been putting together PhilisophersNotes for years now.  They are collections of ideas from various personal development books.  Great resource as well!  (Just so you know, those are affiliate links.  I’m a subscriber, and the ROI has been incredible.)