Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Steven C. Hayes

Learn to observe your thoughts without judgement.  Practice this daily.

Life is suffering.  We can’t escape that, but we can act anyway.

Conceptualized Self – that part of us that sees ourselves as a story: “I am depressed.”  “I am stupid.” “I am a success.” “I am a failure.”  This is most dangerous self when it comes to creating and “trapping” suffering.

Suffering from anxiety, depression, etc can lead to (usually does) identifying with those illnesses as who you are.  They are there, but they are not the whole you.

You are not your pain.  You are not your joy.  You are the conscious container of it.

Mindful Eating – pay attention!  It doesn’t have to be enjoyable.  If it isn’t, pay attention to the unpleasantness of it.  The point isn’t to enjoy eating more, it’s to bring awareness to your own thoughts and feelings about the eating itself, and by extension, to life.

Think of your mind as a chessboard with pieces on it.  Your thoughts and feelings are the pieces; your observing self is the board.  See your situation from the perspective of the board – the pieces constantly move, focus shifts from one to the other, and they come and go.  But the board is always there – unchanging.

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