Meditations: With Selected Correspondence by Marcus Aurelius, Robin Hard (Translator), Christopher Gill (Introduction, Notes)

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“Now these may hinder one or other of my actions, but they are not hindrances to my impulses or my disposition, because I have the power to act with reservation and turn circumstances to my own advantage.  For the mind adapts and converts everything that impedes its activities into something that advances its purpose, and a hindrance to its action becomes an aid, and an obstacle on its path helps it on its way.”

In other words, The Obstacle is the Way.

Misfortune born well is good fortune.

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Become What You Are by Alan Watts

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“There is no wisdom in scorning riches simply because one is unable to obtain them, nor in despising the pleasures of the senses because one has not the means of fulfilling them.  If the desire for these things exists, and if that desire is thwarted by circumstance, to add self-deception to frustration is to exchange a lesser hell for a greater.  No hell is worse than that in which one lives without knowing it.”